“Don’t believe everything you read”: Kelly Reilly Has Already Shut Down Rumors about 2 Yellowstone Stars Demanding More Money for Taylor Sheridan’s Alleged Spinoff Show

Taylor Sheridan’s ambitious expansion of his universe at Paramount may have made his actors ambitious as well.

With Yellowstone heading towards its long-awaited finale, fans of the Taylor Sheridan series have finally come to accept that all might not go according to plan for our resident Dutton family. In the recent off-screen interviews given by Kelly Reilly, Kevin Costner, and Sheridan, one fact has been made astoundingly clear as to where the series stands with regard to its core cast members. With a future as bleak as a ship lost at sea, Yellowstone is now determined to go big or go home.

Kevin Costner with Kelly Reilly (L) on Yellowstone [Credit: Paramount Network]
Kevin Costner with Kelly Reilly (L) on Yellowstone [Credit: Paramount Network]

Meanwhile, preparations have already begun for the execution of a dramatic showdown to resolve all the conflicts and familial drama that have been building until now. Storylines surrounding the infamous Jaime vs. Beth feud and the future of the Yellowstone ranch will garner the most favorable views and as such, it’s most probable for the series to head in that direction.

However, if recent rumors are to be believed, there just might be a small hiccup along the road to the completion of Taylor Sheridan’s flagship series.

Kelly Reilly Addresses Her Involvement in Spin-off Series

For most of Taylor Sheridan’s shows set within the Yellowstone universe, actors have popped up in more than one place with different roles in different timelines. In those cases, none of the actors have been as central to the plot as Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton, Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton, or Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. But with a Yellowstone spin-off in the cards, a recast may not after all be necessary for these actors to reappear in a Sheridan project.

Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone [Credit: Emerson Miller for Paramount Network]
Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone [Credit: Emerson Miller for Paramount Network]

However, when asked about her plans for Beth Dutton beyond Yellowstone, Kelly Reilly curtly replied [via Radio Times]:

I just care about finishing [the main show] with as much care and as much passion and as much love as I can muster to put into it. That’s what I care about. I’m sort of prepping for that now [and] that’s my tunnel vision thing that I care about most.

With tensions on the rise and fates at stake, Kelly Reilly’s arc as Beth Dutton is bound to get even more pronounced with the coming second half of Yellowstone Season 5. As she puts her back into driving her character to the finish line, fans can only wonder what lies in store for the Machiavellian character at the end of the road.

Kelly Reilly Shuts Down Rumors Regarding Salary Dispute

With Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 set to be the most anticipated arc of the entire series, fans of Taylor Sheridan’s epic Western have grown more impatient by the hour for the series finale. But with Part 2 also comes abounding questions — will there be a resolution between Beth and Jaime, where does Kevin Costner’s character end up in all of this, who gets to inherit the Yellowstone ranch, and most importantly, will there be a spin-off starring Rip, Beth, and the core cast members?

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone [Credit: Paramount Network]
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone [Credit: Paramount Network]

Among the relentless curiosity that plagues the second half of Season 5, one rumor seeks to tarnish the otherwise peaceful image that surrounds the cast of Yellowstone (notwithstanding the Kevin Costner drama).

The recently surfaced rumor alleges that Reilly, Hauser, and Grimes have been demanding $1.25 million per episode in their salary negotiations to appear in Season 5, Part 2, and a potential Yellowstone sequel spin-off. But Kelly Reilly was quick to shut down those allegations.

What goes on beyond that? There are discussions, you know. Don’t believe everything you read. It’s just nonsense. But we’re gonna, you know, let’s wait and see. I don’t have an answer right now. But we’ll see.

Although two more Yellowstone spin-offs have been greenlit by Paramount, there have been no solid reports regarding the core cast members returning, either as series regulars or in guest/cameo roles.

However, Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey is circling the potential lead in 2024 while Michelle Pfeiffer is also being considered for a leading role, most possibly in the other spin-off show, 1994. All of it, however, simply falls under the speculative category without final confirmation from Paramount, Taylor Sheridan, or the actors themselves.

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